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2013 Ability Counts Prom

I am selfish

As many of you know I accepted another volunteer position with Inland Regional Center. As part of the process I was interviewed and asked questions. One question that I was asked as why? Why do you do these things – and the answer is simple. I am selfish. I love the feeling I get when […]

I Am Nobody

Do not get caught up on the title – it has meaning, which I will explain later. It is not a cry for compliments. Believe me I have enough confidence. This is the first of two blogs that have been circling my mind for weeks. Both inspired by the great athletes, volunteers and coaches I […]

Proud to have accepted a position on the

Proud to have accepted a position on the Business Committee for the Board of Inland Regional Center. A volunteer position but I think I can add some value to the board.

Funny thing – those who need the most pr

Funny thing – those who need the most practice, practice the least.