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Why Politicians own us vs We employ them

Recently there has been a couple Supreme Court Decisions that caused certain people alarm or concern. They are now re-posting chants, memes, irrational arguments and talking points and increasing the national divide. One party is even using the decision(s) as a base for bribery (fund raising). What has REALLY occurred – we as voters owned […]

Father’s Day – another be nice to XXXXXX day

Now I get it – we love our holidays and months. It is fun and spend the day honoring your Father Figures today. My concern over “days and months” is to me I see so many of these “events” becoming a substitute for real change, simply checking the obligation box of some social checklist on […]

Why I will never be an MSP

Why I will NEVER be an MSP Recently, I was watching an MSP Holiday Show and was shocked, actually embarrassed, by the content and themes. Let us start at the beginning—we are NOT heroes, like I have said so many times we do not wear capes, we do not have red S(s) on our chests, […]

9/11 – Have We Forgotten

Today as I finish the book Hamilton and continue reading and researching our political history, while reading many social media posts I have started to wonder, have we forgotten? Now let me start with the reason I blog. Simply to sort thoughts in my mind. I realize few will read the blog and less will […]

But evil men and seducers shall wax wors

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. Bible: II Timothy

Again proof positive that the brightest

Again proof positive that the brightest and best get their Ph.D. from CalTech #xsp14

Great opening session – always great to

Great opening session – always great to hear from CalTech people. #xsp14

So many changes – need to visit the boot

So many changes – need to visit the booth to get some more updates #xsp14 #dell #newtechnology #dellpartner

Getting an update on Dell – long time De

Getting an update on Dell – long time Dell Partner – 20 years but needed an update to what is up. #xsp14 #dell #updare

Got to see Brad Amano – now my life is c

Got to see Brad Amano – now my life is complete. #xsp14