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Election Results – XXXXX party gets control vs. we control our employees in office.

Before the comments become partisan, this is not about either party. My view is to get rid of parties as they are used to control us vs. us controlling our employees. The response being chanted by media, both parties and pundits, is admitting we did not elect people to protect our best interests but elected […]

Another blog of babble on a plane ride home

Funny how being on the sideline can allow you to see so much. As I return from back-to-back industry events, I reflect on a fantastic core group of people that form the channel. I am talking about those who give selflessly to others, whether through charity, community service, or simply a desire to give back […]

Regrets – Time Wasted

Next week there is a political hijacking of the Ethics Board against Chuck Condor. The complaint alleges a criminal offense, and clearly, there is no conviction, and based on the Ethics Code, this complaint must be dismissed on the surface. I regret and apologize for failing to bring true oversight to the City of Riverside […]

Why Politicians own us vs We employ them

Recently there has been a couple Supreme Court Decisions that caused certain people alarm or concern. They are now re-posting chants, memes, irrational arguments and talking points and increasing the national divide. One party is even using the decision(s) as a base for bribery (fund raising). What has REALLY occurred – we as voters owned […]

Father’s Day – another be nice to XXXXXX day

Now I get it – we love our holidays and months. It is fun and spend the day honoring your Father Figures today. My concern over “days and months” is to me I see so many of these “events” becoming a substitute for real change, simply checking the obligation box of some social checklist on […]

Why I will never be an MSP

Why I will NEVER be an MSP Recently, I was watching an MSP Holiday Show and was shocked, actually embarrassed, by the content and themes. Let us start at the beginning—we are NOT heroes, like I have said so many times we do not wear capes, we do not have red S(s) on our chests, […]

9/11 – Have We Forgotten

Today as I finish the book Hamilton and continue reading and researching our political history, while reading many social media posts I have started to wonder, have we forgotten? Now let me start with the reason I blog. Simply to sort thoughts in my mind. I realize few will read the blog and less will […]

But evil men and seducers shall wax wors

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. Bible: II Timothy

Again proof positive that the brightest

Again proof positive that the brightest and best get their Ph.D. from CalTech #xsp14

Great opening session – always great to

Great opening session – always great to hear from CalTech people. #xsp14