Father’s Day

Father’s Day is another Hallmark Holiday …. Get a card, buy a present, message your Dad. I get it. Good stuff. However it makes me reflect, what does it take to be a Father? Many men seem to have figured out the having children part. Raising children takes some effort however the returns cannot be measured.

I was lucky to have dysfunctional parents. Parents who seemed to have children for pawns in a chess match. To earn money and do chores. I learned so much – we learn by trail and error and to have two individuals make so many errors so I could learn helped me prepare. I recall years later Paula saying to me, Skip and I were not good parents and then go on to the many excuses for failure … I simply replied, you are an example to me. When confronted with a situation I often reflect back and say what would Skip or Paula do …. and I can eliminate one mistake, one bad option.

In the Special Needs community, we lack Fathers. Some anomaly that needs further study, high divorce and single parenting (mostly moms) with group homes in the mix. It often saddens me to coach young athletes for years and never met a parent. Engage, simply engage. I do it because I am selfish. I love to win, I love to hang out with the athletes …. Find your selfish reason and engage. You will inspire others, but more importantly be inspired.

Be a Father – it is a damn good job.

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  1. Bill Morgan · · Reply

    Good Fathers day blog.

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