Why I will never be an MSP

Why I will NEVER be an MSP

Recently, I was watching an MSP Holiday Show and was shocked, actually embarrassed, by the content and themes.

Let us start at the beginning—we are NOT heroes, like I have said so many times we do not wear capes, we do not have red S(s) on our chests, nor are we first responders. We need to tone down the feeling of self-importance. We simply provide technical support (and hopefully business enhancement) to businesses to many small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.

Worst and most offensive was the total disdain so many “MSPs” (a made up marketing term of little to no value—more on that later), have for their clients. Their clients, the ones who pay them. The ones who trust them to protect their data, their privacy and help them run their business. The over inflated ego of so many MSP(s), most of which hold no degrees, no certifications, no verifiable validation of their “skills” (self-proclaimed). These MSP(s) forget a simple concept, if your clients understood tech (or even wanted to spend time running their network) they would not need YOU.

In this broadcast, people made jokes about their clients, trying to imply their clients are stupid (and they, maybe, hiring someone who has zero respect for others). One story was about a client who had a workflow that made using a mouse difficult. Instead of solving the solution (something the “MSP” took money to accomplish), they mocked their client. A professional with a minimum level of business prowess and respect would have evaluated the workflow, the workspace and had the insight to provide a solution, as an example, a trackpad. As I attend industry events, I find a great percentage of “MSP(s)” could not perform the business tasks of their clients.

Another trend is the mocking of clients regarding security issues, with the flipped and unscrupulous response, if they do not listen to me, they deserve what happens. How about the obvious? They do not listen to you because you have not earned any level of respect. How about the fact that you have no verifiable degrees, certifications, or education to qualify you as an “expert”? How about the fact that you sold them a commodity based—price package and now seem to be doing bait and switch? How about the fact that you have failed to ever prevent verifiable business value?

Can you image if you want to your doctor for cancer and the doctor simply dismisses your illness because “you did not listen to him”? Can you image if a doctor simply mocked you instead of providing value?

I am simply amazed that “MSP(s)” do not feel grateful that people trust us with their business (income). I am simply amazed that “MSP(s)” do not feel a fiduciary to add value, enhance business flow and respect their client’s skills and risk. The “self talk” of negativity towards clients must have an impact on how “MSP(s)” treat their clients.

Next and maybe more concerning was the handout mentality of most “MSP(s)”. In a holiday event, there was no discussion of giving back, of helping community. The focus seemed to be on the prizes one might win and no discussion on how we can help others. So often I hear so many complaints on how vendors to not give “MSP(s)” sufficient marketing allowances or other support, when in fact one should budget for such expenses when starting a business.

If the “MSP” community wants respect, how about earning it. Start with developing standards, education, and training. Start by respecting others and overstating the value “MSP(s)” provide the world.

I hope the New Year brings in New Values and focus on the technology business. With business so dependent on technology, and the current environment of risk those who label themselves “MSP(s)” (and those who simply add another S or create other marketing titles), focus more on standards, service delivery, education, and training and most importantly respect for others. Hopefully “MSP(s)” will be less me focused and more community focused.

I realize that again my view seperates me from the “MSP” community and many may take offense. No offense is intended, I only seek to explain why I say I am NOT nor never will be an “MSP”

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