Election Results – XXXXX party gets control vs. we control our employees in office.

Before the comments become partisan, this is not about either party. My view is to get rid of parties as they are used to control us vs. us controlling our employees. The response being chanted by media, both parties and pundits, is admitting we did not elect people to protect our best interests but elected an ideology and party simply lusting for control, power, and personal financial gain.

When we hear a party say we control the Senate or House and can impose OUR agenda is scary. Why are we electing and paying the substantial windfall salaries and costs of the individuals we elect (employ) if they share on the brain – one ideology – a single lust for power and personal gain?

It is also concerning that we have weeks and weeks of voting that dilutes the responsibility of voting intelligently. People vote before debates and use a gang mentality – why not just submit a colored piece of paper, red or blue, vs. checking boxes? This would surely reduce the ballot counting issues and voting machine failures.

I also greatly objected to the biased agenda-based media projecting winners vs verifying and counting ballots. Do votes count or does opinion media count? While the red vs blue (join a gang to feel relevant) mentality seems to capture our voting habits, we hail to realize that allows them to own us.

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