Another blog of babble on a plane ride home

Funny how being on the sideline can allow you to see so much. As I return from back-to-back industry events, I reflect on a fantastic core group of people that form the channel. I am talking about those who give selflessly to others, whether through charity, community service, or simply a desire to give back to those starting in this business. I am one on the outside – though I have been in the industry for many years, I am not one of the “icons” of the channel or well-known entity. For observation, this may have advantages.

I listened to many conversations, heard many presentations, board rooms, sessions, and keynotes, and there are some individuals (far too many to mention) who are simply of a huge heart. They are not looking to create a brand – to start a group or group on some social media site – they care. You can see it in their eyes – hear it in their speech and witness it in their actions.

After this event, I may step up my game and get more involved. I go home thinking, “glad they give us name tags” so people knew who I was – my mission next is to be able to go name “tables” and have people know by actions, impact and reputation.

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