Getting an update on Dell – long time Dell Partner – 20 years but needed an update to what is up. #xsp14 #dell #updare

Got to see Brad Amano – now my life is complete. #xsp14

Received my unrepaired Lenovo ThinkPad back – great service failure. Never buy this total garbage. #lenovo #thinkpad #garbage #noservice

I won a Lenovo tablet at a trade show. Glad I did because I will never buy anything from Lenovo nor recommend their products. #Lenovo #horribleservice #norealwarranty #poorlymade #donotbuy

Have the feeling that I need to do something the will create an impact for many people. That one big thing so when I am gone they do not say I wasted oxygen.

Join us and support Special Olympics

Busy weekend – Rock n Roll, Neighborhood Conference, Disability Sports Festival, Halloween Dance and Shelbie is dancing all weekend at Paradise.

This is an event we need to support – get some teams together. Our Special Olympics Teams will be doing demos of our Mad Skills –

As many of you know I accepted another volunteer position with Inland Regional Center. As part of the process I was interviewed and asked questions. One question that I was asked as why? Why do you do these things – and the answer is simple. I am selfish. I love the feeling I get when […]