Why Politicians own us vs We employ them

Recently there has been a couple Supreme Court Decisions that caused certain people alarm or concern. They are now re-posting chants, memes, irrational arguments and talking points and increasing the national divide. One party is even using the decision(s) as a base for bribery (fund raising).

What has REALLY occurred – we as voters owned by party – owned by ideology – chanting and supporting those who do not support our best interests, neglect to see the real issue – our elected employees have been LEGISLATIVELY LAZY – they have failed to perform and now want a reward for failure. Face some hard to swallow FACTS – the exact same purchased politicians (the wealthy entitled elite), many in office for decades – KNOWING that issues needed LEGISLATIVE action to codify our laws and direction – decided taking a stance and risky their privilege was not worth doing what you put them in office to do. The exact same President fainting outrage has for decades opposed the on demand abortion being requested today. The same bought and paid for politicians who held a majority to enact the largest corporate welfare package in history (ACA) – had the perfect opportunity in what was sold as a health care bill to address woman’s health issues.

Why people elect, re-elect, campaign for and support those who spend decades in office simply self enriching and ignoring the demands of those who placed them in office puts the blame squarely on the ideologues, the ones who choose division over progress, the ones who will at all costs and with aggression and profanity attack the other side and ignore it was those they support that dropped the ball, is confusing. Demand more of those YOU placed in office. Do not be their messengers – be their employer!

The same holds true with gun laws and smart gun legislation. Those who take to the media and chant (leading the owned followers) – are the ones who historically have feared risky legislation because of their entitlement to office and elite status.

Instead of chanting, posting memes, hating others and being manipulated to act like a street gang member (red vs blue) – stand up and hold those YOU elected accountable. Do not give them a free pass for failure while you are aimlessly following an illogical excuse for failure.

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